What We Believe

Our focus is on Christ: the people he loves and the church he is building. We Love God. We Gather Family. We Build Community. We connect in big gatherings and in small groups. We worship loud and free. Come join the fun!

We Believe…

  • God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice and the Holy Spirit’s presence are transformative
  • We are better together 
  • Life is too short to drink bad coffee
  • Smiles make the world a nicer place
  • God’s Word works
  • Children should be seen and heard  
  • Stories are powerful
  • In the power of prayer 
  • Marriage and families can thrive
  • Sex is better in the light
  • You can never be too generous
  • In second chances…and third, and fourth…
  • Every life is song worthy 
  • Where there’s life people will come, and where there’s love people will stay
  • Love is best expressed by kind deeds 
  • No one is beyond hope
  • Honour is the perfume of heaven
  • You can live your best life
  • Family, friends, laughter and food are a foretaste of heaven
  • In the freedom of forgiveness
  • A picture IS worth 1000 words
  • We love God, we gather family, we build community.