Life Groups


Life Groups

We are a Life Group driven church.

The purpose of Life Groups is to foster communities that love, follow, and honour Jesus. Life Groups are typically a combination of Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship but each group has its own flavour. In Life Groups, we do life together and share where we are encountering Christ, because there is life when we encounter Christ.

The heart of God for the church is connection. Our hope is that we can still connect through different mediums and varying levels of comfortability.

C3E Life Groups

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C3E Life Group Descriptions

‘Marriages’ w/ Rob & Leigh-Anne DeVries

We want a deeper connection. We want less misunderstandings. We love marriages and believe that one of the best ways to develop health is through intentional relationships with others who have a common goal of thriving in marriage and family. Come with expectation, be open, be vulnerable, be encouraged, be changed through the power of Jesus and iron sharpening iron.

Day: Every Thursday
Time: Potluck dinner starting at 5:30pm (dinner around 6pm)
Start Date: October 6
Maximum Number: Three couples
Children: Welcome
Location: West Edmonton

‘Resilient!’ w/ Rob & Sherri Farbin

Definition: Able to recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.

John Eldredge’s book spoke to our hearts in such a needed way after feeling bent, stretched and compressed during the long Covid season. John acknowledges the trauma and loss we have all gone through in one form or another and offers wisdom and strategies to strengthen our union with Jesus in order to build our resilience.

Group based on John Eldredge’s book, Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul in These Turbulent Times.

Day: Every second Saturday
Time: Potluck dinner starting at 5:30pm
Start Date: October 15
Maximum Number: Six adults
Children: Welcome
Location: South Edmonton

‘LIFE’ w/ Colin & Nicky Eames

LIFE Groups are important to us because it was (and is!) where we were discipled, heard, seen, and loved. It’s where we see and experience Jesus through others. We laugh, cry, eat and pray together and see how our faith is walked out every day through the different seasons of life.

Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 7pm
Start Date: October 11
Maximum Number: Six adults
Children: Welcome
Location: South-Central Edmonton

‘Grounded’ w/ Rick & Nell VanDewark

We love nothing better than hot meals, warm conversations and lively discussions. Our lives are enriched by together sharing our stories, our insights and our hearts. Jesus also loves this atmosphere. We look forward to encountering him and meeting you as we study and discuss the book of Colossians.

Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 6:15pm for supper
Start Date: October 5
Maximum Number: 8-10 adults
Children: Welcome
Location: South Edmonton


“LIFE Group with the Browns” w/ Russel and Hayley Brown

Come be real and completely accepted while we invite each other into a deeper encounter with Jesus.

Day: Every second Thursday
Time: Potluck dinner starting at 5:30pm-8pm
Start Date: October 6
Maximum Number: 6 adults
Children: Welcome
Location: Beaumont