Life Groups


Life Groups

We are a Life Group driven church.

The purpose of Life Groups is to foster communities that love, follow, and honour Jesus. Life Groups are typically a combination of Bible study, worship, prayer, and fellowship but each group has its own flavour. In Life Groups, we do life together and share where we are encountering Christ, because there is life when we encounter Christ.

The heart of God for the church is connection. Our hope is that we can still connect through different mediums and varying levels of comfortability.

C3E Life Groups


Life Group Descriptions


Pastors Rob and Leigh-Anne DeVries- THIS GROUP IS FULL

Seeing Jesus Every Day!

We want to help each other to see where Jesus is working in our lives every day and encourage a deeper relationship with him as Lord.

Day: Every Thursday
Time: Potluck dinner starting at 5:30-8pm
Start Date: October 5
Maximum Number: Eight adults
Children: Welcome
Location: West Edmonton

Rick and Doreen Harvey

The Importance of Forgiveness

Come join us as we study John Arnott’s book (which will be provided), What Christians Should Know About…the Importance of Forgiveness – “Forgiveness is key to blessing! Forgiveness and repentance open up our hearts and allow the river of God to flow freely in us. We need to give the Holy Spirit permission to bring to our minds those things that need to be resolved in our hearts!”

Day: Friday evenings
Time: 6-9pm, a light meal will be provided
Start Date: October 6 – December 8 (Five sessions: Oct. 6 & 27, Nov. 10 & 24, Dec. 8)
Maximum Number: Six adults (no children)
Location: West Edmonton

Colin and Nicky Eames – THIS GROUP IS FULL

Loving God, Loving Others

We invite you on an adventure where we are learning just as much. Our aim is to encourage spiritual habits, disciplines, and rhythms to help you grow closer to God. Through God’s love, we can also learn to love others that God puts in our lives better. We will take a journey together looking at scripture and how that applies and inspires us to grow in our faith. Learning the importance of time alone with God, but also the importance of being in community and learning to encourage each other in our faith together.

In Matthew 22:37-40, Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”

Day: Every second Thursday
Time: 7pm
Start Date: October 5
Maximum Number: Eight adults
Children: Welcome
Location: South-Central Edmonton

Pastors Rick and Nell VanDewark

Light and BRIGHT!

A weekly group discussion in Ephesians. We always enjoy hot meals, warm conversations and lively discussions. These evenings will provide this and much more. Christ reveals himself in these settings. We look forward to encountering him together.

Ephesians is a revolutionary handbook. In Christ, Father God transformed us and restored all human relationships: marriage, families, work, communities and people groups. In Christ, he forged a new creation, vitally connected in one body, one community—expressing faith, hope, and love to the world around us. Life in Christ is way, way better!

Day: Every Wednesday
Time: 6:15pm for supper
Start Date: October 4
Maximum Number: 8-10 adults
Children: Welcome
Location: South Edmonton

Russel and Hayley Brown


In the midst of the busyness of life, do you need a place to stop, take a breath, acknowledge the presence of Jesus, and have others in your corner encouraging you onward? Come check out our group!

We are kid-friendly, we all eat together and then send the bigger children off to play downstairs/outside and the toddlers and babies mingle with the adults. The first half of the year our focus is on seeking Jesus as we get to know each other better. In the New Year, we may bring in a wee bit of content from a resource that is relevant to all of us (TBD).

Day: Two Thursdays per month (usually the second and fourth)
Time: Potluck dinner starting at 5:30pm-8pm
Start Date: October 13
Maximum Number: Up to three families
Children: Welcome
Location: Beaumont

Pam Lee and Nell VanDewark

Sensible Shoes Small Group for Ladies

Sensible Shoes is a novel, blending a fictional story with non-fiction teaching elements. It’s a story of four different women on a “sacred journey” and we want to join them by opening ourselves to the Holy Spirit’s work and attending to God’s invitations for self-reflections and prayer.  Come join us as we walk together!

Day: Every other Wednesday
Time: 9:45-11:45AM
Start Date: September 27
Maximum Number: Ten Ladies
Location: Church Lounge Area
Needed:  Sensible Shoes Book and Study Guide (purchase from Amazon, or borrow from the Library). Both are authored by Sharon Garlough Brown.

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