Young Adults & Youth


Young Adults & Youth

C3 Young Adults welcome anyone 18-35 who loves Jesus, loves serving and giving back, loves getting together and FUN!


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C3 Edmonton Youth is a group of wildly fun adventure seekers. We love finding fun new things to try together, as well as just enjoying the adventure of ordinary days together. The key to all of this is together; we love hanging out with each other and with God. Relationships – between us, and with God – are what make this group a rare gem.

C3 Youth is for grades 7-12, and our youth leadership team is anywhere upwards of grade 12.

Join our FB Group for details on all our upcoming Youth events! 


Stay tuned for Winter event dates & details!



Limo and Dinner Night
by the Boyd LifeGroup


Laser Tag
by the Rhodes LifeGroup


1920’s Murder Mystery
by the King LifeGroup


YC 2014

If you are looking for a group of loving, accepting, ridiculously fun people, look no further. We are so excited to invite anyone from any walk of life into our little family. Can’t wait to meet you!