Presence Americas Conference

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The Presence Conference 2019
About Presence
“We host Presence Conference once a year for three days and four nights primarily to help us all as a church, a movement and as Christians from everywhere, to refuel, refire, refresh and be revived. We come aside for three days to bring ourselves again into the Presence of God to hear from Him and draw near to him.
We bring the most significant voices we can who we feel will bring fresh guidance and impartation from God for all generations. Presence is a magnificent opportunity for us to bring friends and family who don’t normally come to church. We also see many miracles take place in people’s lives, in families, in youth, in children and individuals as their faith rises over the three days.
Presence is an amazing moment for us to meet new C3 people from all over the world and to renew and strengthen connections with the C3 family. We get to hear from many of our leaders in the Masterclasses. Most of all, Presence is for us a page-turner. God is continually moving forward in the Earth, with new direction and fresh oil to anoint us to serve Him. As we spend time in the Presence of the Lord at this conference, that fresh anointing oil and that new, enlarged vision and direction, is downloaded to everyone present. Thus, we are able to keep moving forward, in unity together, in His great mission.
Our goal is that every church represented will find greater blessing, growth and impact at every level when they return home.”
Essential Info

Date: 7-9 August, 2019

Location: San Diego, USA

Venue: Golden Hall, San Diego Concourse


Adult  – $179.00

Kidz/Youth  – $99.00

Volunteer – $75.00

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